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Study app for students of Karpagam college (Coimbatore) and for others also.

This app will help students to get quick resources and video content in one place. Get unlimited Access to all courses, Learning materials, Check semester marks, Webinar recordings and etc.

  • • 3200+ downloads in the play store within a year.
  • • Free Video Courses & Materials links.
  • • Club with college mates (In Development).
  • • Free Tools like CGPA Calculator & Faculty Directory.

Retail inventory management app for Nelvanam (Sathyamangalam) to manage their stock and sales.

Elevate your retail game in Nelvanam, Sathyamangalam, with our tailored Inventory Management App. Streamline stock and sales effortlessly, ensuring optimal inventory levels and informed decision-making. Access insights on the go with our user-friendly interface, prioritizing security for a reliable retail experience.

DairyRepo is the Record based app to keep track of your daily invoice and finance.

DairyRepo, your go-to record-based app, simplifies daily invoice and finance tracking. Streamline your records effortlessly for a hassle-free management experience.

  • • Efficiently generate sales and purchase records with ease.
  • • Seamlessly input customer details for comprehensive record-keeping.
  • • Capture valuable information by adding farmer and product details.

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